Please note: The Schedule is not yet final and may be subject to small changes.

Workshop Level



  • You regularly go to socials.
  • You know the basic rhythms (e.g. : syncopations like triple steps, quick quick slow, Lindy Charleston…)
  • You can lead/follow some classic Lindy Hop moves like the Swing Out, Tuck Turn, Send Out…
  • You’ve probably been dancing for 6 months*.

Intermediate - Advanced

  • You regularly go to socials and you are comfortable dancing with anyone regardless of their perceived level.
  • You can add either some rhythm or connection variations to the classic Lindy Hop moves.
  • You feel comfortable with adding Solo Jazz to your partnered Lindy Hop.
  • You’ve probably been dancing for 1,5 years.


  • You might go to socials and festivals more than to your local classes by this point.
  • You enjoy revisiting basics and getting a new perspective on it.
  • You are comfortable with improvising (solo or partnered) to various types of music of the Jazz Continuum…
  • …In fact, you’re interested in learning some of the Continuum dances (tap, blues, house, hip hop,…) to expand and deepen your practice and cultural understanding of the Lindy Hop.

Was sind deine Vorteile als Mitglied des Vereins?

– du kannst die Swing Szene mitgestalten!

– du kannst an allen Kursen teilnehmen für max. 180€/Jahr.

– du kriegst Ermäßigungen auf die Workshops und Festivals, die wir organisieren.

– du bist versichert, falls dir ein Sportunfall beim Training passiert.

– du hast Zugang zu einer Swing und Jazz Bibliothek