Nourished by Afro-descendant dance and music since childhood, and a swing dancer since
swing since 201 7 , Edwige is passionate about jazz.
Her dance emphasizes groove, improvisation and swing, and she aims to explore the different paths of the body and movement in order to make the dance more accessible.
and movement to make the dance as organic as possible.
organic as possible.
As a teacher, she aims to pass on the artistic heritage of the musicians and dancers
and dancers who carry on this tradition, emphasizing the cultural context in which it
context, while encouraging improvisation, individual expression, movement exploration
movement, musicality and sharing.
Since 2021, Edwige has been teaching vernacular jazz at the Shake That Swing school in Paris. In
classes, she encourages her students to express their singularity.

Atharva Johri (aka A.J.)

Karl Brochard teaches swing, including solo jazz & lindy hop, and afrodance. He shares his passion through classes in the heart of Paris and abroad.

His experience, enriched by his participation in numerous competitions, has strengthened his teaching approach.

He has won several prestigious competitions, including Jazzroots , The Battle in Toulouse, and was a finalist in the ILHC in Sofia, Bulgaria…etc. His teaching principles include caring for his students and creating an environment conducive to learning.

His relationship with swing goes beyond a simple chance encounter, embarking on a journey of sharing and passing on her passion, based on mutual respect and shared pleasure.

Momo is a passionate dancer from Osnabrück, and has been an integral part of the Lindy hop scene for over 8 years.

She created a small portable format that breaks down the problem and identifies the inherent racism that European societies have carried on for centuries. This is a chance to discuss how we can make our scene more inclusive.

The Exhibition

Learning about the history and cultural roots of Lindy Hop and Swing is necessary to fully appreciate it. But how can we be sensible and understand the circumstances for black people now and back then? What could be a good way to discuss the dancing scene and its inclusivity today? Momo created a small portable format that breaks down the problematic and identifies the inherent racism that European societies have carried on for centuries.

This is a chance to discuss how we can make our scene more inclusive. And it will be more than just warm words!

Kati and Wladimir started dancing Lindy Hop in Berlin. Fascinated and thrilled by the liveliness, fun and many possibilities in Swing music and dance, they quickly got ‘addicted’ and went to classes and social dances whenever possible.

Soon, they started to travel abroad to meet other fellow Lindy Hoppers and explore different styles of dancing and to learn from many different teachers.

In Berlin they regularly teach at RRC-Spreeathen and Walzerlinksgestrickt.

Since we started dancing Lindy Hop in 2014, it has become an important part of our lives and we can’t imagine life without it.

Our goal is to bring fun, musicality and technique in harmony with each other. We have been passing on this idea in workshops and courses since 2017.

We love to let ideas and figures flow into each other, so that individual components become a fluid whole. In addition, we are always looking for new ways to creatively combine dances from the world of swing and blues.


The New Brooklyn Social Club

Steve Wiseman represents the third generation of professional trumpet players in his family. He spent most of his career in New York City. Steve played in America’s most famous big bands, such as the ‘Duke Ellington Orchestra’, the ‘Tommy Dorsey Band’, the ‘Glenn Miller Orchestra’, ‘Toshio Akiyoshi’, ‘Chico O’Farrill’s Afro Cuban Orchestra’, ‘Arturo O’Farrill’s Latin Jazz Orchestra’ and many others.

Steve’s father, Larry Wiseman, was one of the most sought after trumpet players in Classic Motown, recorded extensively and was musical director for Marvin Gaye, as well as the Jackson 5. Steve grew up listening to soul music and began his own career as a young trumpet player performing and touring with soul and RnB artists such as Aretha Franklin, the O’Jays, the 4 Tops, the Spinners and the Temptations. In New York City, Steve played regularly in the house bands of the ‘Cafe Wha?’, the ‘Copacabana’ and the ‘Rainbow Room’.

Since moving to Germany, Steve has recorded several gigs with the NDR Bigband, Elbjazz with Nils Landgren, is a member of the Achim Reichel Band and bandleader of his own bands ‘the Rumprollers’, ‘the New Brooklyn Social Club’ and ‘Gumbohead.’ Click here for further information.

Steve Wiseman has gathered ‘The New Brooklyn Social Club’ for Swing Man Tau 2022 and they will be joined by the outstanding jazz vocalist Julie Silvera. Click here for further information on Julie Silvera.


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